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A Remedial Journey; Reconnecting At Ananda In The Himalayas

Sounds ebbed and flowed, dispersing before I managed to get a sense of what they were. Like a kaleidoscope, aromatic colours flooded my eyes and the hot, heavy air ran through my fingers. There was no grey. The dull hues of London had been left behind, along with the all-consuming abandonment that comes with the loss of a loved one. …

TOP 5 sustainable gifts for the main men in your life

1. Vitruvian Man Care Bundle The winter skin essential I think it’s about time that men started to take care of their skin and learn that whole body wellbeing is more than going to the gym and eating lean protein, apologies for the stereotype. While many men will argue that exercising the completely “au natural” route (using NO products) is …

Me Time

Growing up I always associated Philips with lightbulbs and TV’s but have since learnt that they are one of the pioneering companies in beauty tech. 
Offering a range of devices that improve your wellbeing and make your life that little bit easier, I am extremely happy to be working with them to help share the importance of “ME” time for your …

Skin Aspirations

Being someone who’d never experienced a facial a year ago I’ve come to love them and learning about the different treatments, new systems and technology used for your face. Through the process I’ve learnt an incredible amount about skincare, my skin and what I should be doing with it. My latest visit was to Skin Aspirations, a special little treatment clinic that’s …

Vitality in 10 days!

Spring Wellbeing Revival! I’m very excited to be collaborating with VITL and Urban Massage for a Spring wellbeing Revival! Always travelling, constantly jet lagged and very busy, there’s no denying that my energy and immunity is depleted, my mood is up and down, I am anxious, suffering from stress and my body is not in the condition that I would …

Top 5 TLC Tips for your Hair

Keeping your hair lusciously smooth, frizz free and tamed in normal day-to-day life is hard enough.

Then…throw in:

  • Salty Sea air
  • Hair dying
  • Hair straightening
  • Wearing it up all day
  • Exposing it to city pollution

These are all contributors to having dry, frizz prone and slightly unhappy hair. I know this all to well, myself having very curly hair that has been recurrently dyed and often straightened to look more presentable.