TOP 5 sustainable gifts for the main men in your life

Vitruvian Man

1. Vitruvian Man Care Bundle

The winter skin essential

I think it’s about time that men started to take care of their skin and learn that whole body wellbeing is more than going to the gym and eating lean protein, apologies for the stereotype.

While many men will argue that exercising the completely “au natural” route (using NO products) is as clean as it can get, City residents and male commuters need to delve a bit deeper to nourish and protect their skin from damage and ageing. However, this needs to be done the right way.

Vitruvian Man has created beautiful products made from high-performance, organic ingredients that deliver superior results and effectively combat dryness and signs of ageing. 

Their unique skincare solutions rely on powerful natural ingredients, blended with essential oils to calm and refresh your skin and your senses.

Specialised for the requirements of male skin, which is inherently tougher than female skin but nevertheless exceptionally delicate, their revolutionary formula works without harmful chemicals and leaves male skin refreshed and nourished for a revitalised look. 

Conscious values? I love that an important part of Vitruvian Man’s advanced skincare technology is to respect the environment and refrain from any form of unethical testing. They also give back, donating 3% of their profits to some favourite charities like Movember.


Ilapothecary Men

2. Ilapothecary Beat the blues pulse point

The de-stress and uplift SOS essential

As a general rule, women are more in tune with their emotions, mental health and focus on all-around wellbeing but we are definitely seeing a shift unawareness here.
I first started using Ilapothecary products myself before I influenced my male and female close ones to try some of their products out. Their whole range has been designed with the desire to tap in to the energetic needs of the busy, modern woman, man and the family, without compromising on quality and I believe that they help us find balance and and serenity in todays extremely fast-paced world.
With incredibly potent and effective ingredients, the range taps into the new mood for beauty products which do more than simply look after skin. What we put on our skin directly nourishes and calms our heart – the centre of emotional wellbeing, energy and vitality, and an incredible 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell. Their new beat the blues pulse point product is an alchemical mood balancing blend of essential oils to boost self-esteem, ease frustration, revitalise and stimulate happiness and it’s the perfect little self care product to take with you anywhere, male or female, day or night.

Pull the cork

3. Pull the Cork sustainable wine subscription

For the wine lover who cares about the planet

For the conscious one who enjoys a glass or 2.
This monthly wine subscription service offers you the very best pre-selected mixed cases of Organic, Natural, Biodynamic, Sulphur Free and Vegan Wines.

It can be so difficult knowing where to look for good, sustainable and organic wines and this is where services like Pull the cork come in handy. They educate, connect people and take the hassle out of searching through the maze of sustainable wine, delivering the cases directly to your door – what more could we want?


Patagonia coat

4. Patagonia winter jacket

The essential keep me warm jacket

It’s about the little changes we make, so this year when you’re looking for the winter coat essential to get you through the cold AF months, why not look further into what you buy, or click through here because I’ve done it for you.

Patagonia started out as a small company making climbing gear and today, the brand is a global force that takes corporate responsibility as seriously as its clothing.
Its mission: to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and help save the environment. I love it!
Its Worn Wear program ensures the products that you purchase last longer (and thus stays out of landfills longer) and can be repaired so you don’t have to keep buying new items. Patagonia also uses recycled and environmentally friendly materials in its clothing, designs energy- and environmentally efficient stores and facilities, and donates at least 1 percent of company sales to various grassroots environmental groups across the globe.

If you click through, why not buy a cheeky little item for yourself too? I would…

Percol Coffee

5. Percol Coffee

For the coffee lover

For many, coffee is an everyday essential. It’s a drink for life lovers and go-getters and as it’s something that you drink and buy on a regular basis I believe it’s something we should be educated about and know the source of, to the best of our knowledge.

Percol is coffee on a mission, a brand I first came across last year when I learnt that it was the first ground coffee to be Fairtrade certified.
They have pioneered the use of organic and single-origin beans and have spent decades investing in the farmers who grow their delicious coffee, generation after generation. I think that there’s a beauty in knowing that what you’re drinking has a story and you’re making a difference by choosing this brand.

They are setting out to be be the most sustainable coffee company -plastic-free, carbon-neutral and fairtrade-certified. Offering ground-coffee, coffee-bags, beans, iced-coffee, instant and keep-cups.
With ann all-round ethical stance and sustainable focus, it’s not the only way to run a business but it’s the only way that they want to run theirs, and I think that’s fab.

Here’s to positive drinking!

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