How a little can go a long way

Always on the look out for something a little diverse, I love to find and share stories about people and companies making a difference and initiating changes, however small or large. 

Sunbites is a company that makes the UK’s only veg and multigrain snack – Sunbites Veggie Harvest. They use 100% renewable energy to power their production line, have been running a “zero waste to landfill” ethos since 2009, and have partnered with CARE International – launching the “Light Her Path” initiative. 

The initiative aims to give girls the education they deserve. They action through building learning centres (powered by solar panels), working towards women’s economic empowerment and ending early child marriage – to name only a few.

I attempted a week of doing something little but heartwarming everyday – and noted how wonderful it made me feel, as well as the receiver as an outcome. 

However I woke up feeling, how busy the day was meant to be and regardless of all the noise going on in my head and environment (of which there can be a lot), I attempted something from the list below everyday.

I would love to challenge you to do the same; expect nothing in return but note how it makes you feel, and the influence it has on your day.

It’s a pleasure to be joining them on their #GoodGrows campaign, channeling the belief that the smallest of actions can have a big impact. We don’t always need to aim for the bigger goals, the little everyday things can be enough – and that’s what I would like to focus on.

Think about how it makes you feel when a stranger smiles at you on your way to work, when the barista gives you a coffee on the house, or someone tells you that they like what you’re wearing. We can be so absorbed in our own worlds that we miss the moments that could make someones day and spur a chain of positivity, of feeling good.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll get something back in return – a date, a smile, or something good happen that you’ve been waiting for. The world can work in beautiful ways.

  1. Smile and say good morning to someone you pass on your way to work.
  2. Message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while telling them why you appreciate having them in your life.
  3. Buy a stranger a coffee.
  4. Have a browse through Just Giving and leave a little donation to a cause that touches your heart.
  5. Leave a lovely stick it note or message on someones desk / car who you feel needs it.
  6. Take a friend to lunch, or invite them over for a meal.
  7. Leave a heartwarming quote / message on your local tube station / subway / train station whiteboard.

“It’s not the things that we have, the money that we make, the photos we take or the popularity we gain that defines us. It’s the unforgettable marks we make on others hearts and lives that will cause us to bloom. It’s leaving the people a little bit better off, with a smile, with a positive thought, a feeling, that matters.”

I would love to know how you get on! Please drop me a message, leave a comment or send me a piccy over Instagram! 

I will also be picking one lucky person to win a fabulous hamper of Sunbites Goodies, including a Solar Powered phone charger as a gift from me, to you. Ems xx

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