The quintessentially conscious getaway

Settled on England’s most Easterly tip along one of our Nation’s Medieval waterways is Fritton Lake. Once home to a WW2 secret training facility, this private retreat sits on a 2.5 mile idyllic lake and plays host to a pioneering thousand-acre re-wilding project that was ingeniously created by Lord and Lady Somerleyton; Hugh and his wife, Lara.

With a scenic train ride and short taxi from London, the door to door journey to Fritton takes less than three hours, and is worth every moment. With the essence of an especial Soho House with a conscious quality; this private retreat is cleverly located on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk, an area that has been missed off the must visit map. Until now.

In harmony with nature

With considerations about our carbon footprint growing, and the hesitancies around traveling abroad, Fritton’s developments couldn’t be more timely. A resounding purpose to work in harmony with nature is merited; from design and concept, through to their education and impact efforts.

Their forefront work with Wild East is central to these endeavours. Information about the UK’s most ambitious Re-wilding movement is beautifully crafted into your stay, with encouraged (but optional) tours, on which you get to appreciate the serene surroundings and witness the remediating work being done, collaborative goals and above all, the passions behind the project.

There was grace in the simplicity and rarity of seeing their regenerative farming methods. Uniting sustainability with habitat creation, endeavours that included planting 49 acres of nectar-rich flowers to feed a million bumblebees, to rotating pigs with nutrient enhancing plants. These strategies, along with cohabiting species like free-roaming Dartmoor ponies, rare-breed cows and water buffalo are only a few of the beneficial methods Wild East have adopted. 

One highlighted benefit is the quality of the meat produced, offering their contribution to the re-evolving slower, local meat market where consumers want to know about where and how their meat is reared.

A comment by Hugh (who ran our tour) left a mark. He mentioned how meat was once a treat; a weekly family affair, on which decent money would be spent. It hit me that despite how fast the alternative meat market is growing, we sadly still live in a world where 99p beef burgers can be purchased with a sustainable, nutritious marketing message. Awareness around quality produce is severely lacking.

I make this point with a positive note, as the initiatives being achieved by Wild East feed hope, and a sense that we are reclaiming elements of life that have been lost.

An ideal escape

Fritton encapsulated all that is quintessentially British, consciously; and comfortably. Welcoming, relaxed and accommodating, the retreat is no less than luxurious. It is ideal for single R&R getaways, family escapes, and special couple retreats.

The accommodation

Compromising of The Clubhouse hotel, Woodland retreat cabins, Farm cottages and their new edition “Koto” Cabins, their accommodation options are one of the main reasons why this retreat is an ideal location for most. It even offers itself as a smart investment for some.

Whether you’d rather wake up in a quaint old English farmhouse and meander down for breakfast in the pub gardens (which we adored), or isolate a cycle away from another living being with serene views onto the lake, there is a bed fit for most. And their excellent standards are consistent throughout.


From water-sports to yoga and playing foot-golf on the grounds, it’s difficult to think of activities that Fritton have missed off the cards. Eager to take advantage of most of them, we enjoyed playing tennis on their lawn courts, dipping into the 22mt heated outdoor pool (which was assuringly clean), and indulging in the heavenly floating sauna on the lake. 

From farm to Fork

When travelling, I feel that food is something that enriches memories, adds to the experience and helps tell stories. The dining nature at Fritton Lake is something to appreciate, with note-worthy menus designed by award winning Chef Chris Bartlett (ex Fat Duck). From simple favourites like stone baked pizza’s, to more innovative options like savoury doughnuts, Mackerel velouté, and gorgeous garden salads. Options are developed around food provided by the estate and complemented by produce from only the very best local suppliers. The seasonal produce helps sustain a low food milage, while optimising on taste.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”



Fritton Lake operates with a membership model, offering discount bookings and priority accommodation to their community. While memberships reasonably sit at just over £550 PA, the spaces are sought after and un-surprisingly – fast filling up. Alternatively, you can own a piece of the Wild-East yourself and purchase a low-energy cabin for a little more than the subtle price of £300k for a 2-bed. Or a little more simply, book as a non-member throughout the year.

“Invest in your wellbeing and join us for adventures in nature, great local food and a positive life-changing impact on our environment.”


The departure from Fritton Lake was a difficult one on a 20-something degree British Summer’s afternoon. We had started to build a relationship with the engaging staff, felt at home strolling around the fragrant gardens and enjoy swimming in the serene wild. We not only managed to find some R&R in amongst the wholesome action, but learn new things and meet some of the special humans that make up, and are associated with this must-visit luxury wildlife haven a step away from modern busy life.

You can explore more about Fritton Lake and find details about Wild East here.

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