A Soulful Mother Daughter Getaway At Shanti Som

What and Where

Shanti Som is an idyllic, Eastern-inspired Wellness Retreat amidst the mountainous Sierra de Las Nieves valley in Andalucia, Spain.

A welcome escape from the intense pace and energy of City life, once there it is difficult to imagine that you’re less than an hours drive from Malaga airport and a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Marbella.

Guests who enter through their gates are known to return on multiple occasions (sometimes bi-annually) for their nurturing and functional wellbeing packages that can be curated to your preferences.

From fitness, weight loss and detoxing to more mindful and spiritual R&R schedules, there’s something to accommodate everyone. Successfully, they have created a sanctuary that’s suitable for both individual and group breaks, for couples, friends or (adult) family members.

Our Mother Daughter Mini Break

In October I was extremely lucky to experience a short stay at Shanti Som with my mother. We can vouch that the 14-bedroom retreat touches your soul in a special way. Rare to come by, a stay at Shanti Som feels like a welcoming, boho-luxury home away from home.

On the cusp of seasonal change, October seemed to be a good time to visit the region, our days were sunny and warm, reaching temperatures in the late 20’s each afternoon and we were blessed by an Autumnal crisp sunlight with picturesque surroundings. Mornings and evenings were cooler but still pleasant and we found our time to be perfectly balanced with activities, nourishment, treatments and rest.

The attentive nature of the staff and their attention to detail is a noteworthy asset to the retreat experience. You can tell that they love working there and each member plays a key role in making your stay memorable. Kind, very knowledgable and efficient, they were always keen to fulfil requests and make the stay special – but were never intrusive.

The Ultimate Wellness Package

We were fortunate enough to experience a diverse range of what Shanti Som have on offer; Guided Meditations, a morning Yoga class and a private Pilates session were all part of our package – accompanied by nutritional, fresh and locally sourced food, peaceful sleeps and fresh air.

As a side note, exercise classes can be intimidating but each one at Shanti Som was approached in such an encouraging and welcoming way that both myself (a regular class-goer) and my mother (a virgin to most) were happy to dive in and experience them – meaning that you take away a lot of value from your stay.

Our massage treatments and spa visits were dreamy and functional, we loved the Sauna and Steam rooms infused with aromatherapy oils and I would certainly try out more of their healing treatments in the future.

Sierra de las Nievesa

Rested, clear-thinking and fulfilled, our last morning involved a hike through the Sierra de las Nievesa National Park, located less than an hour away from the retreat. A beautiful paradise of contrasts, the scenic park has a wealth of nature and wildlife, cusped by a vast coastal landscape. I had little idea that there were such places to visit in Spain and I would encourage anyone who visits to attend the excursion.

There is so much to see and experience on a trip to Shanti Som, I can see how you’d be inclined to return on multiple visits and our time only flew by too quickly.

We are definitely looking forward to returning to the magical haven in the Andalucian Mountains again one day.

– We discovered and booked our stay at Shanti Som through Spa In Spain, an all female run Wellness break booking company set up by two Dutch Mothers / Sisters, over 10 years ago.  Click here to find out more about Spa in Spain and all that they offer.


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